Contemporary Issues in Participatory Geography: event recordings

We are pleased to share the recordings for the Participatory Geographies Research Group (PYGYRG) online event – Contemporary Issues in Participatory Geography: Challenges, Opportunities, and New Directions.

The event was a success with over 200 registered and between 40-50 participants in the variety of sessions.

There are two video recordings for the event which you can view and download via the link below – one for each day of the event. For more information about each session, view the event programme:

Full transcripts for the event will be available soon and will be uploaded to this page. The event organisers are currently exploring different ways to disseminate the event, including an edited video for YouTube, infographics, and a blog post. Keep an eye out for updates!

Link to folder with event recordings:

The approximate times that each session starts in the video clips are noted below, so that you can skip to specific sessions. Full transcripts and a short edited video are being created for this event, so do keep an eye out for updates.

Get in touch with the event organisers: Caitlin Hafferty ( and Bruna Montuori (

Day 1:

Welcome and introduction – from 7:45 minutes

Session 1 (What does the future of participatory geographies look like?) – from 19:20 minutes

Session 2 (Navigating tensions in participatory research with third sector organisations) – from 1 hour 39 minutes

Session 3 (the art and practice of participatory research at the science-policy interface) – from 4 hours 3 minutes

Day 2:

Session 1 (La Tela: resisting isolation through the arts ‘in common’) – from 38 minutes

Session 2 (Challenges and opportunities of digital participatory research during COVID-19) – from 1 hour 49 minutes

Session 3 (Past, present, and futures of participation: Key considerations for research and practice) – from 4 hours 33 minutes